Friday, May 15, 2009

Love is just equivalent to RM80???

My friend send me this e-mail and i found it very meaningfull as it happen quite alot in this country. As people would say, Distance is not a problems as the lover have their heart stick with each other. But sometimes, u also have to consider about the time factor as time able to reduce the passion for a relationship. So enjoy the comic below, thank you


  1. Alamak.. Where is the last page go jor ==.. Sorry ah Yapeng.. i Upload it now...

  2. wonder ur title is love is equivalent to RM80..coz the last page din show jus now..
    now noe the ending liao..tis story not bad not bad..haha

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  4. yerr...hamsap post.. =x
    oi.. so long to read...=.=
    lazy click 1 by 1 la..u make summarize ma
    jye...u go la..rm80 oni ...

  5. LOL.. is for the girls de ok == u go pasang lo if u wanted to XD..