Friday, May 15, 2009

Love is just equivalent to RM80???

My friend send me this e-mail and i found it very meaningfull as it happen quite alot in this country. As people would say, Distance is not a problems as the lover have their heart stick with each other. But sometimes, u also have to consider about the time factor as time able to reduce the passion for a relationship. So enjoy the comic below, thank you

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

13/04/2009 Thailand Splash Water festival Trip

First of all, let me introduce what is water splash festival. Water Splash Festival is actually the New Year for the Thailand citizen. They use the power of water to clean themselves from all "blackmagic" and also the bad luck thing and hope that by doing that they will have a nice and wonderfull year which only have the Happiness and Prosperity.

On 11/04/2009, we left penang island at around 7pm and straight headed to the Malaysia- Thailand border and we have to rush as the border close at 12am in the midnight for the malaysia side and 11pm at the thailand side ( They are having 1 hours delay from our malaysia time). As we reach the Malaysia- Thailand Border, the kastam told us that there are around 74 busses had go inside the thailand border. As the Thailand New Year is inconjuction with the Buddha Birthday, so this is unvoidable. But we still manage to go in safe and sound without any traffic congestion. After that we straight away headed to the Nakhon Si Thammarat which are around 4 hours journey from the Thailand Border.

This is the Bus Persiaran that take us to Thailand, PGC 8331 which have 40 seats..

On 12/04/09, At 4.30am we arrive in the temple which are still 1 hours journey left from the Nakhon Si Thammarat. This temple is call " Sam Bao Gong" or 3 Treasure Temple.

This the place where they pray the God of Skies or in chinese we call "Tian Gong". The Pole is so special as there are dragon crawling outside it. It is really Magnificient.

So this is the Sam Bao Gong main building which are having the statue of Buddha inside it.

This is the another attraction of the Sam Bao Gong. The Statue of Guan Yim Ma that having the height of 150 meter and is equivalent to 5 storey high.

This building is use to keep those body that are not being taken by their family member.

As u can see in the picture, this is the dragon bodyprint. They found this mark between the wall of the main bulding and the statue of Guan Yim Ma. They believe that the mark is left by the dragon which are having the same scale pattern of the dragon in the Pole that use to pray the God of Skies.

Another picture of it. Dragon Scale !!~~

We left the temple at around 5.30am and headed to the next location which is Nakhon Si Thammarat.

At around 6.30am, we reach at the temple of Nakhon Si Thammarat. This temple is so famous as the body left over pieces of the Buddha is put inside the Golden tower as u can see in the picture below.

The Golden Part of the tower is made from the Real Gold. Yes, is Real Gold. Can u imagine how much it cost to make that??

The main thing that we have to do in this temple is to give the "Kasha" (The fabric that the monk wear, Yellow in colour) and circle it up in the bottom of the Golden Tower as to reduce the Karma that we have to suffer in this life.

First of all, The Kasha and the prayer have to sit here and let the monk to read the charm as to bless and make the Kasha more sacred.

After that, we have to pull the kasha as longer as u can and let the prayer ( which is the passenger of our bus) to hold under it.

This temple is also attract alot of monk to rest their body after they had go to another life. So the picture below is the Tomb of those monk.

The Statue of buddha can be seen around the temple as the temple having the space of around 5 football field. Is very very Amazing.

After that, we are heading to the next temple which is the famous Monk in Thailand, Long Pu Tuat. U can found his face in nearly 80% of the amulet that sold in thailand.

The story start as The family of Long Pu Tuat are working as a farmer. One day, His mother carry him(While he still a baby) to the paddy field as to make some living by harvesting the paddy. So his mum put him in the basket which are tie to the tree branch and she went off to start her work. Suddenly, a giant white colour snake ( they call it as dragon) which having the length of 6 meter long came and saw Long Pu Tuat. The giant snake roll itself to the tree branch and look at him. As one of the farmer saw what happen, he quickly told Long Pu Tuat mother about what happen and they rush to the scene. At there, the giant snake seem like protecting Long Pu Tuat more than wanna to eat him because as th villager go nearer, the snake/dragon will swing its tail to prevent them from getting nearer. Long Pu Tuat Mother is so scare that her baby will being ate by the snake, She kneel down and pray as to hope the snake/dragon will leave. After that, the Snake/dragon carry the baby down from the tree branch and move toward Long Pu Tuat mother. The snake/dragon put him down and it vomit a crystal-like form ball as the chinese call Dragon Ball as the present for the Long Pu Tuat.

This is the look of Long Pu Tuat. He is so powerfull in spiritual as he able to change the salty seawater in the Northside of Thailand to normal drinking water as he only step on the water.

The Dragon Ball is placed inside the Tomb and is open for the tourist to visit.

This is the special fruit that can found at there, The Underground Sea Coconut. It is good as it can help to chill u up and cold down the fire/liver in the body.

After that, we went back to Hatyai and reach there around 4pm in the afternoon. I take the chance to visit their 7-11 and bough 2 tins of beer as their beer only cost RM3.70 each.. which mean 37 baths( thailand Currency).

So at around 6pm, we gather again at the hotel lobby and heading to the place call Thairat Nam, The Floating Market. Originally Floating Market can only found in Bangkok but the thai goverment plan to build 1 in the area which are 15 mins from Hatyai to help the poor there by letting them doing some business.

This is the Hatyai Floating Market. As u can see in the picture, the main attraction is that u buy the food from the seller which sit inside the boat, and they also using the enviroment friendly casing as bamboo are cut and use as the cup for ur drinks, Coconut shield as ur bowl to put ur favourite Laksa. There very alot of food available at there, for example Laksa, Fried Chicken, Otak-Otak, Fried Oyster and much more. All the food there are only cost u around RM1.50 to Rm2.00 each. i 100% guarantee that with just only Rm10 u can eat until ur stomach feel like tearing apart.

So this is how they doing their business. u order from them, and they will prepare the food inside the boat, use a basket to pass u the food, then u place the money inside the basket. It is very interesting as it is my 1st time to see this kind of transaction.

As that day is the Thailand New Year Eve, so there are some special event held in the middle of the river, The Thailand Traditional Dance.

U can also take the chance to experience the fun by taking the boat and having ur dinner inside the boat.

As u can see in the picture, the riverbank is super crowded as it full with the tourist like Me and the locals. U can hardly see what are the people selling inside their boat, And what u able to see is people butt Haha

The table and chair are also provided for the visitor to have their dinner and enjoying the view of the riverbank.

Above the riverbank, There are more than 100 stalls that selling all different kind of food. U name it, they have it.

So this is my Enviroment friendly Cup, with Sugarcane juice inside it.

The another attraction is that u can buy the cup that made from the clay with cartoon shape. There are Hello kitty, Doraemon, DragonBall and so on.. And it just cost u RM2.50 with the drinks + the clay Cup.

The Big fat Sausage that attract my attention and is just cost me Rm0.50 each.. Yummyyyy

The Cotton Wool Candy... long time no see this kind of thing ler...

After i come back from the Thairat Nam, me and my mum go walk around at the main street in Hatyai and there are celebration for their New Year as they invite tourist to go up the stage and dance together with them. And unfortunately, im also one of the victim that being invited to the stage and dance with a pretty Thail leng Lui. Blush Blush.

On 12am after the countdown, the water splash event is started. As the organizer open the pipe and make all of us wet like walking under the rain. Haha..... While u walking at there, the locals will come and put some white powder or pour water at ur face and u cannot angry with them haha... So next time remember to bring those u hate alot to go there and use Shit to rub on their face Muahaha....

Along the road, u can see the people are selling the water gun for Rm25 and u can see the watergun war happen along the road. I also bough 1 from them but it only cost me Rm20 as my mum know how to speak in thai language HAHA..Special Offer...

This is my Rm20 WaterGun and i have use it to fire alot of Thai Lui's XD

This is the hotel that we stay, the Merlin Hotel.

Opposite our hotel, is this Nice Lady Massage Center. At first i though is just a normal Massage Center.However after i saw the lui inside the center, i 100% comfirm that beside they are involving in massage industry, they also have some part time which is those Muahaha thing. =)

So thats all for my Thailand Trip, Hope u all will enjoy it. =)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ah Girl =)

My ah girl now already 3 months old ler *Yeepee* So this is the latest picture of my ah girl,
enjoy it =)

She feel sad after she is being bath by my sister =(

She dont want to let me take her photo XD

*Shy Shy* She trying to avoid the camera

"Chiu, take my photo" XD

After feed her with snack, her temper immediately change XD
i want more snack!!~~"

Sexy Back!~

Am i pretty??!!~~